If you're looking for an experienced shooter + camera + lighting + audio or any combination of that - that's waiting for you here in Nova Scotia. We have several camera options depending on your taste & production circumstances.

Our shooter will work with your producer and get the footage you need. Our rates are pretty much industry standard, however our standards are not. We work tirelessly to produce first class content.


This camera needs no introduction - it's revolutionized video production and is Sony's best small production camera to date. We've used it for everything from documentary to tv commercials to corporate interviews.

We shoot in S-LOG3 which is a great profile that gives a beautiful cinematic look with awesome highlight roll-off (not drop off!).


The smaller alternative to the FS7 - not the same capabilities by any stretch but it is a great choice for fast accurate work.


Canon's colour is just bulletproof. Whether we shoot in Canon LOG or the Wide DR Profile it delivers punchy images. When we record this to an external device to ProRes 10 bit 422 this camera shines. This camera is often the first choice for multi-location coroporate interviews because this and the C300 are so widely used and easy to match to.


We employ a mix of LED lighting panels - fully dimmable, controlable colour temperature and can be either AC powered or battery powered for location work. Chosen for reliability and accuracy, we match our lights to the ambient room light temperature for a totally natural look.


Our standard interview audio is the same as what the BBC use for their TV shows. The Sanken COS-11D lav mic packs a punch and can be hidden away out of view underneath clothing for walk-n-talks which is fed into a Sennheiser wireless system. We get killer interview audio every single time.


Transportation is so often overlooked in production. We run a new 2015 Ford F-150 - lease maintained and ready to hit the road and lug our gear to any location with ease. We realize it ain't a Prius, but our truck is part of our business for a reason. This is Canada, the road conditions aren't always easy and we've driven over 3 inches of road ice for 4 hours to get to a gig. We deliver.


They say if you haven't got insurance the first time you need it - you probably won't need it the second time. Well, we agree and we roll with a $5 Million Dollar liability policy provided by Economical Insurance. Many places we shoot would't let us through the door without it. In this day and age, it's prudent to be covered for ours and your peace of mind.