Video Interviews

When we say 'we do interviews' - we mean we really DO interviews, in fact, we're pretty obsessed with them.

We take great care to set up the composition, lighting and audio to very high standards. We are perfectionists when it comes to video interview filming because when you're dealing with politicians, CEOs and celebrities you don't get a second chance.

Our prime goal is to make you look good and sound good.


When we arrive on site we will immediately be scouting for the best location to shoot the interview. We need space, we need background, we need it to look just right. We've been handed some tough locations to film in, but with a little bit of work we always get it to look great.


Our lighting kits provide us with great quality, flattering light. Our lights do not give off any real heat and are not intimidating to our interviewees who can remain relaxed and concentrate on their performance.


Audio is probably the most important of them all, because if it sounds bad - it is bad. We have an array of microphones for all situations and we know how to get the best audio capture from our gear. Having filmed interviews indoors, outdoors, by roads, under howling AC systems and in the rain, we know what it takes to get it right.