Halifax Central Library

World Architecture Festival Competition Entry / Video Production

Halifax Central Library
Photo: Julian Parkinson


Format Films is looking to produce a 3-5 minute video about the Halifax Central Library’s entry into the World Architecture Festival competition in Singapore, November 2015.

The entry is in the category of ‘Civic and Community, completed buildings’.

Architectural photographer and commercial filmmaker, Julian Parkinson, is undertaking this as a personal unfunded project with the aim of raising local awareness of the competition entry. The video will aim to illustrate, how proud we are of this building and the difference it has made to the local community. Whether it wins it’s category or not, we know that this building is a welcome and much needed addition to the city of Halifax as it marks the start of change for our city.

Set against a series of short interviews and comments from those who designed it, built it, run it, work there and just plain appreciate it, the video will show our support and enthusiasm.


World Architecture Festival


Current list of faces who will appear in the video

George Cotaras – FBM Architects

Chris Hardie – SHL Architects, China

Morten Schmidt – SHL Architects, Denmark

Brian Strecko & Roland Doucet – EllisDon

+ a growing list of contributors


Filming Schedule

21st – 30th September 2015


Video Release Date

October 1st 2015


Publicity & Social Media Partner

Red Dragon Marketing
Contact: Lori Cox


Further information on the entry can be found here