Corporate Video Production

Whether you want to create a video to inform or retain your staff, sell products & services or give confidence to your investors, we can pull it all together.

You already know you need video, because you already know that everybody just likes to press play. Video is informative, convenient and the most efficient way to convey your message.

Video can be embedded on websites, intranets and posted on your social media accounts. Getting your message out and getting the attention of your customers is easier with video.

EllisDon Corporation - Energy and Digital Services - Case Study video created for their 2019 AGM in Toronto

Corporate Video Production made easy

Everything starts with a plan, which is why we put emphasis on Pre-Production Planning - having a clear idea of what we're doing helps us to be efficient.

Video Interviews

We are confident that we film and edit the best corporate video interviews in Halifax. Our setup is geared to creating a super crisp image with excellent sound quality. Our priority is to make you look and sound good.

In most cases, sit-down interviews are the backbone of a great business video which is why we go to great lengths to capture the best quality video and sound possible.

Great Video Content

We will identify the best scenarios that we can film to tell your story. Sometimes it's the less obvious stuff that works best.

Professional Video Editing

Everything comes together in the edit. Our services include editing, voice over comissioning, background music selection and final colour grading. We deliver a polished product.


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    Corporate Interview example

    Our interviews are beautifully lit and super crisp - your CEO deserves the best.

    Nova Scotia Power Corporate Video

    Your branding can be incorporated in a natural way.

    Brand Logos
    Zoom F8 Audio Recorder

    We take audio seriously.

    Good video with bad audio is BAD VIDEO.

    With a selection of microphone systems we have the right tool for every job. Whether we're recording direct to camera or to our field recorder we have the expertise to get the best audio from every situation.

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